Friday, 13 December 2013

Someone special birthday i guess its a birthday month december everyday i am wishing someone or the other,from vry begining my one of friend got birth so i have to wish him casually on whatsapp so that he may not feel tht i forgot and actullay thanks to the social app for reminding me then the other day there was a birthday of that someone special for which i was waiting and that was really special which i will share later on....♥ then it carried on with some more birthdays on which i have to be very sweet ...
I think these all birthdays are not just in my life you also facing my question which i actually wanted to ask as i am asking  indirectly with a wink is why we all are wishing our friends, rekatives only just for the sake of it why not wishing them with love♥♡♥
The day seems to be so special for everyone then why hoping best for yourself and not for others...??
Birthdays are so beautiful if you wish someone with love they will surely give u something in return may be their love,and best be kind and be haappy on birthday's.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sleeping relationships

I dont'know whether i should write this or not but yes i am writing it i don't know whats going on these days boys and girls why are they not respecting their partners,giving space is ok but trying to misuse that space is not.
Today girls and boys are so open-minded that they know that for a successful relationship they both have to cooperate with each other,they both have to make their partners comfortable in their zones but the fact is that they are spoiling the trust and love between each other.
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I know this couple who recently got married and yes it was a love marriage they both were into so much love that a girl doesn't even listen to her closest friend whenever her friend tries to talk to her about her boyfriend she just ignores the things she was very much sure about his character,so this goes on and on but she never pays attention to her friends and there comes a wedding day,she was very happy offcourse months passed now the girl has realised her friends were so true about her husband,she is having a doubt of "extra marital affair",now what kinda relationship it is ? you loved that girl man how can you cheat on her ?
she gave you love ,space, importance over friends and now she deserves this cry bullshit.
Please guys this is not what space,trust means.This relationship is sleeping relationship.
Give it a try.Make it worth.I just wanted you all to try and fix up your relationship your marriage.
when i was writing this one of my friend asked me what i was doing i said blogging on an issue,so he just asked what should be done to avoid this so i think little bit of my own and answer was
♥Talk to each other
♥Understand your partner
In between when i was thinking,he said "yehi to karta nahi hai koi","nobody follow this".they just argue,fight and as a result  misunderstandings and more misunderstandings.
So what can be the solution guys :
Couples you should learn by your  mistakes .The path is not easy.  It takes two people working together, not just one.
We tend to forget we need to communicate with each other and really listen to what the other one has to say.  When we all first get into a relationship or get married it is romantic and we are trying to do the best to impress each other.  As life goes by and more issues come with being in a relationship, then we tend to look at each other a little differently.  Things that didn’t bother us before now seem to irritate us to death!  There my friends has started the process of sleeping relationships.Avoid this situation.

Marriage: A Social Bond

From the last very few weeks i am thinking about Marriage,shaadi,mother-in law,household works,(khanna banana),my professional issues in between,how will i manage all these things after my marriage,its not a such big issue for you but for me its like what...???
What will happen ...??
What about my future...?
what about my job...?
Most importantly what about me??
Am i ready for this "Social bond",where i have to marriage all the things,Husband creature,mother in lawWith respect,and the breakfast ,lunch ,dinner issues which my mom deals with daily,i have already started realising how hectic it is for my mother to deal with all these stuffs,and in retur what she excpects is our good our health.
Ahh,,Mother is equal to angel,Coming back to the topic ,Marriage I know i will be getting married sooner or later but the idea of marriage is so tempting as a phrase says:
Shaadi ka Ladoo,Jo khaye ,wo pacchtay,jio na khaye wo pacchtaye,,Ha Ha Ha ...!!
So everybody out there who are thinking about "Marriage".

Keep Calm and share views.

Matrimonial services in Rohini

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Matrimonial services now and then.


Matrimonial sites are gaining tremendous importance not only with the new generation but also with the old generation. In the developing country like India people expanding their horizon in all fields whether making changes in their lifestyle or in their thinking process. New Generation is now a latent thinker. They use their creative mind to think beyond, what is going on is correct but they focus on what else can be done to make things smooth.

This is where the story of Matrimonialvivah begins; initially it was stared at very small level by home as our elders used to make matches like from neighbourhood and from relatives. The director of Matrimonialvivah makes it up to next level by setting up a business centre Ache Sache Rishtey at G.T Karnal road and then shifting its work to Rohini where he can focus in this area and at present has covered Delhi-NCR.

The launch of website is a step towards the success itself, it made its presence on 20-Feb-2012 .The work of Matrimonialvivah is different in its own way, unlike other Matrimonial service providers.

Matrimonialvivah focus on each and every client it not always focus on new prospects but give their time to earlier clients, their just dial ratings increasing day by day also their clients are not new they are tied up with families which know their dealings several brides and grooms to be who are registered at present is a proof as their parents got married only with the help of the director, they don’t deal on professional front only they personally get involve to make sure that both the parties are genuine.

The list of online matrimonial service providers is not less but who is real and fake is just a matter of trust. So visit Matrimonialvivah, Rohini-8.